Monday, April 19, 2010

Did I tell you the one...

...about the girl who chopped my bangs?

So while I was in Washington, I got my hair done by my super talented BFF Carly. Seriously, if you're in Washington, she's in Sumner, and she's amazing. Anyway, I was toying with the idea of cutting my bangs again. The thing with bangs? They grow. Fast. So I decided to do it, but then we flew home, and I didn't get to see Carly again before we left. Fast forward to a week after being home. The boys in the house, Barry, Julian and Gabe needed hair cuts. There's a girl at Great Clips that does an amazing job with Julian. You might remember Julian Got A Haircut. I didn't post the gory details, but seriously he was crying/screaming/thrashing. It was an experience I never, ever want to repeat. This girl at Great Clips? She gave him a lollipop (so did we) and just had at his hair. He sat quietly, smiled when she joked, and even talked to her. It was a miracle. We brought Gabe along, because he'd never been. And he has a hard time when Barry and Julian go do fun things, like the dentist, or the doctor, or hair cuts. He sat and watched J, and then when Julian was done, stood up and said, "Mom? Hair cut?" He walked over to the lollipop basket, picked one, and walked over to the chair. When did he turn 12? He got a hair cut too. He sat perfectly, and she did a much better job than I've done in the past!

So I decided, what the hay. I'll get my bangs trimmed, only $5. So while G was getting his hair cut, I went to the other girl and had her trim my bangs. I said yeah just trim 'em up.

This is what she did.
Photo on 2010-04-19 at 18.37 #3

I'm pretty sure I'll be growing out my bangs until I'm 30. Luckily, I can still pin them back.


jamie said...

those look pretty short! I've had the same prob! love getting my hair cut, hate the bang change- almost always get cut too short! I'll call you soon- we go to cenntennail park often lately.

Honor said...

see? bangs can be SO cute ... or go terribly wrong. That's why they scare me. (although cute bangs are SO great ... so props to you for trying them at all ...)

Carly said...

hahahahahah! OMG! That's funny! Luckily, you still look ah-maze-ing, but it's...still....on the short side. I love you.