Friday, April 30, 2010

Julian's Parent Teacher Conference

I was so excited when I saw the sign up sheet at J's preschool. Then it hit me. I have a child that's at an age that has parent-teacher conferences? Really!? Well once the denial wore off, I realized that in fact I do have a 4 year old that is in preschool. And he does have teachers. So it made sense. Today was that blessed day. Barry was able to come to the conference, and it was very informative. We learned that Julian does have the ability to listen, be nice, and share. Hmmm so he can do it, he just doesn't at home. ;) We also heard some of what we already knew. He's a smarty-pants. He knew all of his letters (except Q) at the beginning of the year, and still knows them now, this time, including Q. He also knew all 10 of his numbers at the beginning of the year! He knew all of his shapes, all of his colors, and was able to follow instructions such as color this hat with the brown crayon.
Miss Sarah said that he needs to work on running, jumping, galloping, skipping. Sooo he's not so coordinated. Who does that remind you of? Yeah, that's my boy! He's good to everyone, and doesn't just have ONE friend, though, I have noticed him talking an awful lot about the Sophies. Both Sophie R and Sophie M are his favorite girls, I think.
I need to figure out what they need to know in Kindergarten. Because really, that's a year away. A YEAR. Well and a few months, but still, it's not that far out. He loves to trace things, he loves to write, color, and draw. He's a funny, delightful boy.
Miss Sarah also asked if we're having a girl. Apparently, Julian told Miss Sarah that he's having a baby sister, and we're naming her Coraline. So, if you've heard that rumor, disregard it. If we do have a girl, the baby most certainly won't be named Coraline :)
My sweet, sweet boy.


Carly said...

Yay J the genius! Such a big kid; I'm so proud!!!

jamie said...

coraline? from his favorite movie of course! that is so cute that he told his teachers that.

Jaime said...

Crazy that he's getting so old. Ty told me you guys went to parent teacher conference and it weirded me out for a minute too--time just keeps passing too fast! Handsome kid Julian is. :)