Monday, April 12, 2010

Washington Trip Part One

So I've been home from Washington for 2 weeks now. That should be enough time to catch up on laundry, finish unpacking the house, get all settled in, right? Too bad it's not. I'm procrastinating, and blogging :)

So. I found out that I was officially pregnant on Monday March 1st. I knew that we were going to Washington the following Saturday, so I made plans to announce my pregnancy to my parents. I'd found these adorable Big Brother shirts at TJ Maxx for $5 each the week before. (I'm an optimist, I knew I'd be pregnant eventually...) So I bought them, and planned on the boys wearing them on the plane.

The boys did great on the two planes. The first leg was from Des Moines to Minneapolis. A nice 45 minute flight. We got there on time. It was great. Just long enough to keep them interested, and not so long that they got bored. We got off the plane, and ran to our next gate, and that was the leg I was worried about. About 4 hours. Stuck. On a plane. With my kids. So we got some cookies and drinks from the airport gift shop (Why doesn't the airport sell pepsi products? I'm not a Coke fan, anymore. And I really wanted a diet Pepsi.) and boarded our plane. The boys, amazingly enough, fell asleep right before take off. And slept for about an hour. Then they got wiggly. But it was all ok. They must have done well because a lady two rows back looked at us shocked and said, "I had no idea kids were even up here. They're good." And this cute old man said they were well behaved.

So. We landed in Seattle. Julian swore he saw Grandma's house as we were flying over the sound. And we were as far away from baggage claim as humanely possible. We rode the train, which I think was the highlight of the experience for the boys. And met my parents at baggage claim. I had tried lugging both suitcases, the stroller and my boys, but it didn't work. So we just waited.

Gabe, who is typically very shy and reserved was SO excited to see Grandma and Grandpa. He immediately started talking, which is very unlike him, but definitely welcome. Julian ran to my mom and gave her a huge hug (Dad too!)

You can see how OK Gabe is. No tears, nothing! I was proud of him!

It took a while for my parents to get the whole "Big Brother" thing. Julian even told my mom as we were walking to the car, "I'm going to have a baby sister." (I told you, he says it's a sister. And that's it.)

As soon as we got to Grandma and Grandpas, the boys went outside and played in the sandbox with Grandpa. Julian also managed to sweet talk Grandpa into some ice cream

Looks like G got some too!

We went up to Winco, where my little sister Jessica, works. We visited her for a bit, got some essentials, fruit snacks, sour patch kids, Easter candy. The usual. And then went back down to my mom's.

Saturday afternoon, my BFF Stacy, the fabulous photographer had her third baby. Ewan Jack. I'd told her that he should wait for his auntie, and she didn't like that idea. But that's exactly what he did :)

Sunday morning, Carly (My other BFF who is a fabulous hair stylist) went up to the hospital to visit her.

It's a good thing I was already pregnant at this point, or he? He would make me want another baby.

Carly and I went to Applebees, without kids. It was amazing. We were totally on a date, and shared an appetizer, buffalo wings (which seriously the thought of now, makes me want to vomit. Crazy pregnancy), a burger, which was realllllly good, and a blondie brownie for desert. (Sooo that's where the 8 lbs I gained over vacation came from.)

Then my family came down Sunday afternoon. Insert part one of the Preston/Gabe feud. They don't love each other. Preston loves Julian. Julian tolerates Preston, until he hits/pushes/punches Gabe. Then he gets all big brother.

Jess and Gabe


That's all I'm going to post for Part One. Tune in for Part Two. Maybe tomorrow? I'm still uploading's been an hour. The boys are revolting. Gabe turned off Dora. :)

PS I put up a poll. What do you think?? Boy or Girl for Palizzi #3?


jmason said...

You are brave! I've never done a connecting flight with the boys...I always find a straight flight. I'm glad they were superstars on the plane!! Love, love, love Gabe's hair!!!!!

Julie said...

I"m glad you had fun in WA! Can't wait to hear more about the trip. Okay, First, your boys are adorable! Second, you and your sister look a lot alike. :)