Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pukey Puker

I know. I'm pregnant. Morning sickness, totally part of the package. Except, it never has been for me before! Ugh! I'm counting down the days until my 2nd trimester starts. (It's Monday by the way.) I realize how incredibly lucky I was in my pregnancies before, and how incredibly lucky I am this time to only have hit or miss nausea and vomiting. I'm just not a fan of puking. At all. I can barely handle my kids puking. I'm just a venty venterson today, who is tired of puking, and just tired in general. Insomnia? Not my BFF. Insomnia and Morning Sickness? Lose my address, please!


Shannon said...

i think i spoke too soon with my blog post last night... today i woke up dry heaving. so not fun!!! you should start feeling better soon. with mason i was sick until 12 weeks, and i think it went to 15 weeks with hadley.

Elizabeth LeConey said...

You know I know how you feel. It's simply horrible. I hope that the 2nd trimester takes the nausea away for you. Thinking of you!!