Tuesday, April 13, 2010


So. I was browsing Target the other week, again, before I found out I was pregnant. I saw this beauty.


Now what I need your help with.

Have you done it? Is it accurate? I mean it's only $30 so not a huge amount of money wasted. I don't plan on painting the room based soley on this 'tests' results. Mostly, it is just for fun.

I plan on doing this Friday morning. I'm just curious what results people have had with it!


Jess, Sam, Elyse & Hadley Mickle said...

I have had some who took it say it worked and some didnt. Most recently my cousin abbie took it and it said Boy. She then had an ultrasound and it was a girl and at the end of march she had a girl. I have also heard if you have PCOS it will give you a boy result no matter what. I wouldnt waste even the $30on it.

Heather said...

I took it when I was pg with Griffin and it said girl! But it's fun and you're stimulating the economy with that $30 so I say go for it!

Andi said...

I've heard mixed results. I didn't get it because I have PCOS and would get a boy result, plus um, that whole no sex thing for 2 days I think? Yeah that didn't work for me.

I think since you have it, you should do it. I almost want to do it now, just to see if it would show boy or girl but I'm not going to waste the money.

Elizabeth LeConey said...

:) If you have the extra $30 then do it for fun.

Shannon said...

have fun with it... can't wait to hear the results. fyi - i voted girl in your poll.

Suzie said...

I did it for fun..and it was right for me! I say do it, like you said you're not gonna make any decisions based on it :)