Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Julian Turns FOUR (AKA Washington Part Deux)

As you know, (or should by now) Julian is addicted to chocolate. Seriously. Chocolate was his first word. Caco is what he used to call it. So it shouldn't be a big surprise that he wanted a CHOCOLATE birthday cake.
Thank you Safeway bakery for the deliciousness.

This? This is what four looks like. (And why I gave him a bath BEFORE cake/ice cream? I don't know.)

I'm not sure what he's more excited about at this point. Fire, and blowing out the candles or cake :)

Julian and his BFF Grandma (PS Mom, he said when you come to Iowa, you have to stay here FOREVER.)


Blowing out the candles and making a wish!

We were supposed to go to the bouncy place for Julian's birthday, with his cousins, Brandon and Carter, but my kids got this random cough/cold/allergy thing, that never really went away. Annoying! So instead, we played Little Big Planet, watched movies, probably went to the store. Oh! We went to Mexican. Where Julian and Gabe had Mac & Cheese and FRENCH FRIES. At a Mexican restaurant! Who's kids are they? I do remember Gabe dipping his chips in salsa though! (That's my boy!)

Oh Thursday, the 18th, I was able to go up to Carly's house, and get my hair did.
Kind of a crazy picture. My mom took it.

My parents had an awards event to go to on Thursday night.
Look how cute! My dad won an award for his building! He actually had two buildings nominated in the same category. Now that's a Monopoly I can live with :)

Gabe LOVES to take peekurs (pictures)

Gabe attacking my mom with stickers!

And Julian and Preston watching Tom and Jerry. (Yeah the old school cartoon! They looooove it!)

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Kurage said...

Julian looks like such a big boy now! I love his smiles over cake!! We are fans of the safeway cake too, but my kids only like white cake! I think your hair looks fabulous!