Monday, April 26, 2010

The Palizzis Go To Pella!

So I have this *thing* for Pella. I love it. So much. When my parents and sister were here in August, we went to Pella. When my BFF Stacy was here in June?! we went to Pella. We went to Pella last year for Tulip time, and a million and a half times in between. There's a park in Pella, that Julian calls the Spinny Park, that has a merry-go-round, all old school. We LOVE Pella. Julian request to go to that Spinny Park ALL the time.

I had heard that the tulips were blooming early this year. We've had a warm spring! (Holler, thank you for that! After 4 months of straight snow, we deserve a warm spring!) And the tulips were definitely in bloom (2 weeks before tulip time!) when we went there Saturday! After a delicious breakfast at Perkins, we decided to drive out to Pella. I recently finished the text/lessons for Unit 2 in my photography class, and what a better place to take photos than picturesque Pella? Seriously? I'm not sure if I got the pictures for my class, but I sure got some good ones of my kids!

My cheeseball poser! (He looooooves that Spiderman jacket. Seriously, LOVES it)

There was a pretty windy storm that passed through Iowa on Friday night. Here's some evidence, and Julian's Spongebob Crocs

I swear he didn't pick the flower! We were a little scared that he would be fined for picking a tulip or something! It was one of the ones that had broken during the wind storm.

Those are some biiiig shoes!

This one makes me turn my head funny. But sometimes ya gotta stop to smell the tulips


We found some friends in Pella! The Palmer's were there! Here's Scott and Gabe. (Gabe calls him Gott.)

Julian thinks he's cool, in the tree.

This picture was taken right before Gabe, LITERALLY, almost ran into the street! I honestly don't think I've ever been so scared. EVER.

One of my favorite shots

This is unheard of. Julian. Posed.



Anddddddd the naughty look

Cookies from the bakery that saved my cell phone! I will always spend money there, everytime I go to Pella.

OH NO! Where's the A????




Ashley Webb said...

Cutest pictures ever! Wow, Christia - you are seriously getting so good with that camera. ;)

james and natalie said...

love them all. i especially love the fact that the door that julian is looking from is an address and a half. :)

Tara Ethington said...

I didn't know you enrolled in a Photography class! That's so awesome!! Is it online or do you get to go to class? Do you love it? Your photos are good! I like the one where Julian is by that ginormous door. Nice.

Kira said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun day!!! I love the one where they're in the huge shoes :)