Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Well Child Check Ups, Vaccines, and MRI?! OH MY!

So, I had this brilliant idea. Why don't I bring BOTH boys to the doctor, at the SAME time for their Well Child Check Ups. Sounds sane enough, right? OY, I was W.R.O.N.G. First of all, their appointments were at 11:00 and 11:15. Guess what time I remembered about said appointments? 11:03! OY! So being in my PJs still (hey it was laundry/catch up day!) I ran around and threw some clothes on, threw my scary short bangs back, and got dressed. Luckily Julian didn't fight me much on putting clothes on, I think he saw that crazy look in my eye, he knew. By some miracle of miracles, Gabe was already dressed, he knew where his shoes were (in the car, and they really were there, it wasn't some stall tactic!) and he brought Julian's shoes downstairs for him! We made it to the doctor by 11:15! We walked in, and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. I mean from PJs to Doctor's Office in 12 minutes, without breaking any traffic laws? Holler! Until I saw people I knew! Ugh, no make-up, crazy post braid bangs, not good.

SO the boys are doing great. Julian, who is normally shy and reserved talked to the nurse. Passed his eye test, and was nice and kind. He was 40 1/2 inches tall (which is apparently 48%) and 38 lbs 8 oz (which is 67%). The doctor came in, and we realllly love our pediatrician. If you're looking for one in the West Des Moines/Waukee area, email me. I'll give you his info! He is really good with the kids, explains things really well, and let Julian look in Gabe's ear! Which was literally the coolest thing EVER for my little science nerd, Julian!

Gabe had to get undressed to be weighed and measured. Now where Julian wants to be in his undies, Gabe is the absolute opposite. He cried and cried and cried for his pants. Seriously. "Maaaaa pants, please?!" LOL! Seriously. He was too tall to measure on the baby table. :( He's officially growing up.
He was 37 1/4" tall (94%) and 33 lbs 1 oz (91%) and his head circumference is 20 1/4" (96%). He's pretty much giant, but I think Julian was pretty close to those stats at two. Maybe a pound or two smaller? Not a huge difference.

The pediatrician noticed that his soft spot still hasn't closed up. And it's supposed to. By two. He's two. So with his 96% head, and a soft spot that hasn't closed, he's got to get an MRI. They're going to call me with the appointment time. I guess they're worried about enlarged ventrals (maybe, something like that?) and spinal fluid on his brain. I feel like he's fine, and just has a big head. Our pediatrician said, "He's always had a big head, since birth, so it's not like it just all of the sudden happened. His brother has a big head." I said, "So does his dad!" So we're not really worried, but we are. I mean baby + sedation = scary times for mommy!

So after all of that joyful information, the boys had to get a finger prick to test for lead and some blood thing, I think hematocrit. So they basically prick their finger and then squeeze it to fill this little tube. My boys thought that was the COOLEST thing ever. Gross. But they didn't cry and happily let the LPN squeeze their little fingers. Gabe was mighty proud of his bandaid he sported on his pointer finger.

Then? It was shot time. We're pro vaccines in our house. And Julian needed four. He needed four and he won't have any more vaccines until MIDDLE SCHOOL! Say what?! Middle School? Age 11? Whoa. That freaks me out. He was happy though he wouldn't have anymore for seven years. Freaky. Until the nurse came in to do them. Then he flipped out. And the doctor had to come help me hold him down. Really, the doctor could have done it all, because once he came in Julian became all respectful, and not kicky and stuff. Weird. So we did Julian first, and then Gabe. Gabe only got one. And he didn't even cry.

Julian was mighty mad about his shots. He kept asking me why he had to get shots. So I told him. I said something cool like, Shots make you big and tough and scary. They scare away all of the bad diseases. (Because ya know, he's four, and is really big on being tough, and scary.) So he said, "Mommy, so my roar will be bigger now?" Yes Julian, your roar will be bigger.


jmason said...

I feel your pain!...I've taken all 3 boys many times with all of Trent's ear business and it is not fun being cooped up in a small room and waiting!...and they want to touch EVERYTHING!
Good luck with Gabe's MRI...hope everything turns out okay.

Angela said...

Wow, that is impressive about the 12 minutes!!

I am taking all three boys for their well visits next week. Four years, two years, six weeks. But Matthew is coming, too.

Funny how the different states vary on their shots. Andrew won't need any at this visit but will when he's five. Benjamin won't need any either but will need his blood taken to recheck his white count. Poor Thomas will need shots.

Kira said...

Way to go on getting out the door super fast! Don't you hate it when you see people you know and you look all gnarly? Such a bummer.