Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Christia!

Today is Christia’s Birthday. She is unaware that I am posting this on her blog, I hacked into her blog. To commemorate her birthday I want to make it known to everyone why I love her. Because she is a quarter of a century old today, here are the top 25 reasons why I love my wife:

1. She is super smart and can remember everything…maybe she should be the one in med school
2. I love looking into her eyes
3. She is a great mother and would do ANYTHING for our boys
4. She gets excited when she makes a great dinner
5. She cries during a good show or movie
6. She always pays the bills on time
7. She is the most generous person that I know and genuinely cares about other people
8. She married me!
9. She supports me in my career to become a doctor…even if it is not the easiest career choice
10. She forgives me time after time
11. I love the fact that she loves to knit, and she is really great at it too.
12. She is my best friend
13. I can talk to her about anything
14. She thinks that I am the biggest nerd, but still loves me.
15. She likes to tickle me until I cry.
16. She is competitive and will never let me live down my losses (e.g. Air Hockey)
17. She likes to discuss future baby names when I am trying to fall asleep
18. I love her laugh when she gets really silly
19. She likes to spoon me to get warm
20. She is beautiful
21. She gave me 2 healthy and handsome sons
22. She can laugh at herself when she has done something stupid
23. She tolerates my forgetfulness
24. She pushes me to do better
25. She makes me feel like the greatest husband in the world

...And the list could go on. I love you Christia. I hope you enjoy your birthday.

Tuo Marito,


Barb said...

Damn you for outshining me, Barry! I gave her a facebook card with peanut butter and jelly! lol

Stacy said...

That is really really really cute. My favorite has to be number 17, "She likes to discuss future baby names when I am trying to fall asleep." That is just so YOU Christia!

blessedmommy said...

AWWWWWWW! Thats SO friggin cute!!!

Stacie said...


this would have to be your best present ever!! Barry, I love you!


Jennie C said...

Way to Go Barry!!! that is soooo sweet! Happy birthday Christia!!!

Lillie's Mommy said...

Barry Rocks!!!
Happy Birthday Christia!!!

familybrew7 said...

What a sweet man you are Barry, and Christia you sound like an absolute Gem! My heart is melting :)

Cooper and Griffie's Momma said...

*sniff*sniff* that is the most beautiful thing I've read about someone I know, C! Happy Birthday, spring chickie. You guys deserve the best in life.

Ginger said...

That was by far the sweetest thing I've ever read. Happy Birthday Christia. I'm glad you had a wonderful day!

Debra Diamant said...

that was so sweet Barry! hugs* i want to say that Christia has always been such a doll..i remember when i used to post on BZ and she always replied to my posts even if no one else did..and i just thought that was so thoughtful..she really is a gem & a very caring person..love to u both


Angela said...

Oh my, that is PRICELESS!!! I love it.