Saturday, November 29, 2008

Uhm my brush with fame?!

So I went with my friend Kelly, to see Twilight again :) I must say thanks to my wonderful husband for watching the boys twice this week so I could partake! :) I had a lot of fun.

So we stayed for the credits, and I was thinking throughout the entire movie that "James" looked really familiar to me. I knew he was on The O.C. before, but I never watched that. So I just pushed the thought aside, assuming I'd seen him in something else.

The credits revealed "James" real name, Cam Gigandet....It came to me! He graduated a year before me, from Auburn High School! He's probably the closest thing to knowing a famous person I've ever been! ;)


Cooper and Griffie's Momma said...

Wow! He's really done well for himself then! I know Kate Capshaw's mom, Spielberg's MIL. That's the closest brush with fame I have.

Barium said...

Your Welcome! Does that mean I get a night to myself this week?

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh really! He is super hot! Well not so much in that movie, but wow in some others. Did he seem hot in high school?

Melanie said...

I wanna see your yearbook!