Friday, November 7, 2008

My Hudson Hat!

So I bought yarn for a Hudson hat for me. Why should my kids reap all the benefits of my new knitting skills?! So I made on for me!
Warning, these pictures totally belong on myspace. They are of me, taken by me, and staring only me! Talk about dorky!
(please excuse my hair, I took them this morning)

Now I have to work on Barry's hat! He wanted a DARK blue, almost black, and white. I hope it turns out ok!


The K in KAB said...

pretty cute! great job!

the binghams said...

look at you go- you have made some awesome and super cute hats! I think I'm going to hire you to make some for me! :)

Julie said...

your hat is awesome!!! it looks great!

Stacy said...

way too cute! i love the second reminds me of all those pictures we used to take of ourselves in high school

Melanie said...

Wow you are a fast knitter. It takes me months to finish a project!

Stacey and Tony said...

It looks like you are getting really good at Knitting. My sister is having a baby girl in January. She lives in the mountains of So California, so I would love to get a hat for her baby. What would something like that cost if you were to make it?
I love purple for baby girls, but pink or white is probably more practical. Let me know if you would even want to do it. If so, maybe you could bring it to Washington in December when we go.