Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So thankful :)

I had a fabulous birthday, thank you so much to those that called, emailed, text messaged, and facebooked. I want to especially thank my amazing husband! I seriously cried when I read his blog post! What a sweet guy.

My birthday went, as follows
Woke up, got dressed
Julian woke up and I got him dressed for preschool & Mom's Day!!!
Gabriel woke up, and I got him dressed for Kelly's house!
Dropped Gabe off @ Kelly's & drove to Julian's preschool
Had a fun time with Julian at preschool, it was SO cute!
Picked up Gabe and chatted a bit with Kelly
Drove home and put my monsters down for naps, and Julian fought it tooth & nail
Monster #1 woke up, and we watched Frosty the Snowman
Monster #2 woke up, and we waited for daddy to come home from school
After daddy got home, we went to Red Robin for a birthday feast and to use my free burger coupon. All 4 of us ate (Gabe had Cheerios and one fry!!) for $17 + tip! Seriously sign up for your free birthday burger!
We went to Michaels to get stuffing for my gingerbread men that should start to be completed tomorrow! I'm seriously thisclose to being finished knitting.

I had a fabulous birthday, and got to spend it with the boys that I love the most! If only those said boys would go to bed! They're both going through this thing where they don't want to fall asleep. Quite annoying and frustrating. If you have any sleep tips, send them my way. I can't handle this anymore!!

Anyway, thank you so much for your birthday wishes!

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james and natalie said...

so i think i about cried reading barry's post. i feel like i know you two so much better now on this new intimate level.
i'm glad you had just a great birthday. i totally signed up for my free burger at red robin! i love the robin! (i secretly think i'm addicted to the salt stuff they put on their fries.)