Sunday, November 2, 2008

He's so stinking cute!

Julian is crying and so sad because he wants to go to Church, and play with Play-Doh, of course! We've told him that he will get to play with Play-Doh, but that Daddy can't go to church in his jammies! He got even more upset when I took off my shoes! Poor kid!

In other news. We bought Julian's Christmas present. He is getting this:

We bought it Saturday, and it's still in my trunk! I think, since we'll be in Washington for actual Christmas day, Barry will build the kitchen while we're up in Washington, take a picture of the kitchen in our house, and then bring said picture up to Washington. On Christmas morning, we will have Julian open a card or something, from Santa, that shows the kitchen in our house?! What do you think, cute or stupid?

And I have another question for you! One of my BFFs, Carly, in Washington, is also my hair dresser. So with my visit to Washingotn, I'm also going to get a haircut and color! Yay me!
This is my hair currently (well a week ago)

What do you think I should do? Keep it long, and just get a trim and color redone? cut it shorter? Remember I'm in a wedding in March, so I don't know if I want to cut it too short. Bangs? Seriously folks, I'm up for pretty much anything! Just give me your opinions.

In knitting news, I love it. Seriously I think I've found my hobby. I have struggled so many times to try a new hobby, only to fail miserably at it. I LOVE knitting, and I'm decent at it! I started Julian's "Hudson" hat yesterday. I'm not very far, but the good news is, his earflaps are on correctly! HOLLER :) I am currently trying to pick out some yarn colorways for my Hudson hat, and Barry's as well.

I still can't believe it's November already! I also can't believe that I will be 25 in a few days! Yikes! 25 feels SO old to me!


Lindsey said...

Cute kitchen! And I love the idea of the picture in the card!! At least he'll know what he can expect when he returns home :)

Yay for the knitting. I love those Hudson hats. Too cute!!

Sara said...

25 is old hag. :P (*looking around to see if anyone realizes I am older*)

That kitchen is adorable. Is it the one from Costco? I would probably do the picture...because you dont' want to carry that on the plane.

I am sure he will have more than enough presents from his doting family to get him by until he gets home!