Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am a bad blogger!

So I haven't updated since my Birthday! That was a week ago! OY!

So let's see if I can try to remember what, if anything has happened since then.

Ok...thinking...I know Barry had a bunch of tests. Anatomy was on my birthday, Cell & Tissue Biology was Monday and a written OMM test was Tuesday.

Gabriel cut another tooth! He has 3 now! Seriously at Julian's first birthday he had 2 bottom teeth, that's it. And he got his first tooth at about 8 months. Gabriel is standing unassisted now, which to me, means that he'll be walking soon, and it freaks me out!

My dad's birthday was Sunday, but I was sick so I didn't get to call him! Happy birthday :) Love you!

Hmmmm, thinking. Oooh I'm going to Twilight tonight, and am SO excited about that! I ordered some yarn today from Annie Amelia, they're having a sale, so I seriously couldn't pass it up! I got some super soft Malabrigo Merino! Seriously SO SOFT! I'm going to make Gabriel some new longies!

I got sick. Very sick. I made green bean casserole, chicken, sweet potatoes, and rolls. I was too scared to attempt a turkey.

Let's see, really I don't think much of importance has happened since I blogged last, but I promise to be a better blogger from this point on!

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Keren said...

You're forgiven :)