Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's a Christmastime Miracle!!!

Since it's not technically Christmas, this is a Christmastime Miracle!

As some of you know, when I was 19 I was driving home from Barry's house in Washington. It had just started snowing, and as some of you know, Washington (Western to be specific) doesn't prepare so much for snow. Anyway, I was driving down the hill from Edgewood into downtown Puyallup, in my sporty 1996 Nissan 200SX with 19s, and crashed my car! I broke my beloved 19 inch rim, and was stranded on the side of the road, without gloves (though my now Mother-in-law had offered me some!!). I immediately called my dad (Bob) and he packed up and headed up the hill to save me. Meanwhile, a nice boy (seriously maybe 17) stopped and changed my tire! Since when am I a damsal in distress?? That night, I totally was!

Since that fateful night, I've been terrified of driving in the snow. The thought literally could and would send me into a panic attack. When I worked in Sumner, and lived no more than 4 miles from work, my wonderful co-worker, Denise would come pick me up, to prevent hysterics! (Seriously EVERY DAY that it snowed!) Then one day in February 2008, I found out that we would most likely be moving to Des Moines, Iowa. I quickly realized that my fear of driving in snow, would have to be conquered.

Today, I can honestly say, mission accomplished! I drove in the snow. And we're not talking weanie snow like Washington gets, I'm talking like inches! YES! It doesn't hurt that every turn I took I literally saw at least one snow plow! :) Iowa definitely prepares for the snow in a way Washington wishes it could!


Julie said...

Congrats on driving in the snow!

Jen said...

I'd be happy to give you a snow driving lesson! I unfortunately get lots of practice :( But there is lots to be said for places that know how to deal with snow on the road. When I lived in NM, everything shut down if anything white fell on the ground.