Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adventures in Potty Learning/Training

So in the Cloth Diapering community, it's not "training" it's "learning" which I kind of agree with. It's not like paper training a puppy, it's learning how to not pee in a diaper...right?
Anyway, we're teaching Julian to peep (as he calls it) in the toilet. Yesterday couldn't have been better. I'm talking every peep in the toilet, no accident, he even wore undies (Buzz Lightyear, because I know you wanted to know) to the LIBRARY and no accidents. The little tyke fell asleep in the car on the way home from said library, and mommy didn't put a pull up on him before his nap...(You probably know where this is going...) and he peeped in bed! He was thoroughly freaked out, and we just washed the sheets and sprayed down the bed with Nature's Miracle (Wait...I thought that we weren't teaching a puppy...)and went on our ways.

I had a SAA meeting last night, and Julian didn't do well in the child-watch, so Barry packed up his studies at the library and came and helped the child watchers. Julian wore a pull up and yeah it's a diaper...

Today we had the library, Shake Rattle & Roll, and then there was an impromptu playdate at the Jordan Creek Mall! The craziness. Let's just say that Julian's had two accidents today and is wearing pullups for his nap :)

We have to go buy new tires for my car, so I am not looking forward to it! At least we're going to Costco and they have cheap yummy food.

Tomorrow we're going to the zoo, with our friends Mandy & her boys Carter and Benton (I LOVE the name Benton!!)


Angela said...

Ugh. We haven't started anything to do with toilets b/c he has no interest and no clue!

Tell Barry I *did* ask my pediatrician. :( That's the whole reason I took him to her office to begin with. And she wouldn't even take off the steri strips to look at the stitches b/c she said she didn't want to mess it up. Wellll....won't leaving the stitches in mess it up worse? Ugh.

james and natalie said...

i like potty learning better too. i'm impressed with you and julian and i'm not looking forward to having to teach scott. though i AM looking forward to having him use the potty on his own someday. :)

Cooper and Griffie's Momma said...

That sounds exactly like the trials and tribulations we went through with Cooper! He peed on the floor in the front of a deli restaurant one day when we went out in underwear (ten minutes after he went at home). All I can say is what my hairdresser told me - let him have accidents in underpants, so he can "feel" what it's like to be wet and yucky a little. It worked for Cooper!

Lil mama Karen said...

You dont know me but we are in the same boat. I have been potty learning with my son for a little over 2 months and some days are great and others are not. I just wanted to give you a little word of encouragement. Keep it up.

thisismamashouse said...

Hoory for J!! We are still working here...Noah will stay dry at preschool but not here. He still has no trouble sitting in poopy pants. ugh. not ready yet, although I'd LOVE for him to be!