Sunday, October 5, 2008

My little man

Gabriel Crawling
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Julian and Daddy studying
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Jen said...

I can't believe he's crawling! He's so adorable!

Ty and Jenn said...

It is good for them to start studying early right? Yes that is how Luke always sees his daddy is in study mode. He does get tickled during daddy's breaks from studying.

james and natalie said...

that is seriously so cute. i'm glad to see you've added some pictures. :) you should do it more since your boys are so darn photogenic!

Melanie said...

What is your email and I will send you an invite to be part of the Maple Grovian Medical Wives Club!

Stacy said...

Yay! New pictures! Gabe looks so old. Julian is way too cute "studying." How is everything? How are Ann and the boys doing?