Thursday, October 9, 2008

Slightly Post Happy

So my friend Jen had a link to this contest on her blog. And as most of you know, I'm a purse-a-holic! Any opportunity that I can to get a free purse, I am ALL over!
Basically, is launching a new site. The day they launch, October 15th, they're going to give away a handbag an hour!! You can enter at HandBagPlanet


Ty and Jenn said...

So I totally would love to set up a play date with you and your boys. We have much to talk about with the new season of Grey's Anatomy.

The Cooks said...

Hi Christia, I feel like such a blog stalker...probably because I am. Anyways, why haven't I got to know you better? What is up with that? Jen is trying to get me addicted to Grey's anatomy too.. I thought friends weren't supposed to pass on sick addicitions....
Jamie Cook