Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where have I been?

So I was watching some episodes of The Hills, and saw Pink's new music video...and she said something about losing her husband, so I googled it?! They're divorcing? Seriously when did I turn into someone that didn't know what was going on with celebrities? Was it when Gabe was born and I became a mother of two or what?

Little known fact. When I was 16, I met Pink! I was working at the SuperMall, in Wilsons Leather. Pink had done a concert in the mall, before she was big, and came into our store to shop! We seriously had to shut down the store so she could stop because there was a huge mob of fans chasing after her. Plus she's pretty small, so she had like huge body guards! :)

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Keren said...

Oh I know!! Seriously!! When Andy and Suzie were over the other night, we were watching music videos and "So What" came on...and Suzie told sad!! I thought they were a really great!! Maybe she should go after Travis Barker...hehe