Friday, October 17, 2008

Ok I lied! THIS is more exciting than last night

Julian stayed dry throughout the WHOLE night! He was in a pullup, because I don't want to risk any wet sheets/mattresses while he's still learning! OH MY GOSH! He's doing so well!

I'm seriously so thrilled with my little man. Today we're off to Mason City, IA to meet up with some mamas from Babyzone and have some fun. These are two ladies that have helped me through my toughest times this past year. We've 'known' each other since I was pregnant with Julian, so roughly 3 1/2 years! I'm really excited!

Pics of my kids to follow!

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The Cooks said...

I am so excited that everything is going well with his potty learning! I swear, no other experience can bring such joy and discouragement, but I am glad he is bringing you more joy! Haha.