Sunday, October 26, 2008

Excuse my family...

...we're sick! Yuuuuck. So yesterday I felt totally fine, and so did my boys. Apparently sometime between naptime, and bedtime, Gabriel got sick! (Ok obviously I know it was before then, but he started feeling crummy then.) SO he slept with us, poor pumpkin. This morning, I woke up, feeling like something that had been runover, and Gabriel was super grumpy and snotty. So yeah. Hopefully this is a short bug, and we'll kick it quickly.

Barry has an anatomy test tomorrow! Please pray that he does well on it!

Also in other news, we got Boo'd last night! In Clarks Creek Ward, in Washington, we didn't get boo'd so I was SUPER excited that it happened here :) The Boo-ers gave us some sugar cookie dough, and a pumpkin cookie cutter, SO cute! And we, Julian and I, made cookies this morning. I made a makeshift rolling pin, because apparently we don't have one, and the cookies have been eaten by the cookie monster, AKA Julian :) Thanks Boo-ers whoever you are! :)

We went to a friend's little boy's birthday party last night. I have pictures on my camera from that. After the party, in Ankeny, we went to a pumpkin patch out there. It was really cute, and Julian's glow in the dark, candy corn hat, actually came in handy! I have knit 3 candy corn hats now. HA! The first one I made is slightly big for Julian, it would fit me. I made another one 'for Gabe' that miraculously fits Julian PERFECTLY. And I made one for a surprise gift :) I made it the same size as Julian's so it hopefully will fit the intende wearer! (crossing my fingers)

I will blog about the birthday party and Pumpkin Patch tomorrow, when I have the energy to upload pictures. For now, the candy corn cap that was supposed to be Gabe's, but is now Julian's

Oh I just found this in my photobucket! This is from the Halloween Party that some of the girls here put on! SO MUCH FUN

Mini McDreamy


they call me mommy said...

HAHAHA that look on his face is priceless! And good job on the knitting!

Cooper and Griffie's Momma said...

Those pictures are priceless! I don't know what Boo'ing is, but it sounds like fun!

Now you've inspired me, I have to get my knitting stuff out if I can find it!


The K in KAB said...

Your mini McDreamy is so much more handsome than the real one I can hardly stand it!!!! I'm sure the hat will be perfect - thanks so much! Hope you're feeling better...

Sara said...

McDreamy is absolutely adorable!! I also love G's costume. I thought you said it was ghetto?!?

I love getting Boo'd. So far we haven't been this year, but I hold out hope over the next week. If I don't get Boo'd, it will be the first time in 5 years!


Tyler, Jamie and Addie! said...

Sooo...seriously i would love to pay you to make me one of those adorable candy corn knit hats. I love them! or teach me how..i don't know how to knit but would love to learn!

Melanie said...

Hey I got Boo'd by the same person as you!
Last year I tried to start the Booing and neither person that I gave it to actually did it. So, its nice to see people participating this year.