Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Goin' Home...

...Yay! Thanks to my wonderful In-Laws and my good friend, Heather, we, the Palizzi family, are going home for Christmas! My in-laws had frequent flier miles through Alaska Airlines, and my friend Heather, gave us some of hers from American Airlines! We are so extremely excited and thrilled and so thankful for the generosity of our friends and family. Julian, Gabriel and I fly out on Dec. 13, and Barry flies out on the 20th. Wish me luck as I fly with 2 boys BY MYSELF! Also, please pray that I have kind seat neighbors :)

So it was brought to my attention that my house is not infested with kind, almost cuddly lady bugs, BUT ASIAN LADY BEETLES. They apparently pinch or bite. Fun. I am in the process of vacuuming those suckers up. I have to do it sneakily though, because Julian doesn't understand!

So I have some questions for you, in the blogging world. What the heck should I get my kid for Christmas? I want to get the boys one big present, like a train table, or a kitchen, or even a dollhouse. I just don't know!! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I already know Julian's getting a kid tough digital camera from my parents, and I think a Tinkerbell DVD?! Who knows. He does want Sleeping Beauty.

He's got a bike, 12 inches. He's got a trike. Gabriel has a 'new to him' Music Table, and so many clothes it's ridiculous! I just don't know what to get for them!


Jen said...

Definitely a dollhouse. We have to upgrade ours cause the mini fisher price one is expanding all over our living room as she sets up different rooms for her family. If you don't have a kitchen, it's a total necessity. I'm also going to upgrade hers this year cause her Dora one is too small and kind of cheaply made.

DVD's we just got that she loves: Lilo and Stitch (loves, loves Stitch), Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Shrek, Monsters Inc., and then all the usuals that we've seen 85 times (Nemo, Cinderella, Aladdin, Little Mermaid...).

Does that help?

Erica said...

I think a kitchen is a great idea. It has to be one of the most played toys there is in our house by everyone. Kids of all ages play with it. Glad to hear you get to go home for xmas!!!

Cooper and Griffie's Momma said...

Yay for going home for the holidays~ I am getting the boys that red kitchen set at Costco. I think it's $125 or something? I'll post the link if I can find it, it's in the stores right now. That's all I can think of, we're in the same boat as you.

The K in KAB said...

We got Beckett a train table a while back and he's played with it everyday since! There are very few toys that I can say that about! The other thing that was a hit last Christmas was a mini play kitchen, we put it in our kitchen and he made dinner while we cooked. Our friends have a HUGE dollhouse for their 6 year old daughter that Beckett just adores when he goes over there... So I guess I didn't really help, but any of them would be good I think... The longest lasting one would probably be the train table. Thats my vote!