Thursday, October 16, 2008

Potty Learning Day 2ish

Well today is my husband's birthday!

So we've been doing fun things all day. Like making surprise cards...I hope he doesn't decide to read my blog now that I've typed that. Baking cupcakes...well we had to go to Walmart to get cupcake things, the paper things, cups maybe? Anyway, I wanted to go to Walmart because I was sure they would have more of a variety than Hyvee, and I was wrong. But they did have sprinkles for cheap, so the trip wasn't in vain. We got some birthday cupcake cups, and sprinkles. I will be frosting said cupcakes once the monster that is Julian decides to take a nap. Anyway, we went in undies to Walmart. And right before we left I had J sit on the potty. Well he said he didn't have to go. As soon as we went outside and I had Gabriel in the car, this is what I hear: "Mommy I peeeeeeeped." MAN! Luckily I had a pair of clean undies and sweats in my purse so I just changed him in the car really quickly. I know I was in the driveway and could have just taken him inside but I would have had to bring Gabriel with me, trust me this was easier!

But he's been accident free since. I think he doesn't like it when his socks get wet! So hopefully he'll stop peeing his pants! He's actually doing really well! He's a funny kid.

Well tonight we're going to eat pot roast, that has been in the crock pot since 8 this morning, and James & Natalie are coming over for cupcakes and The Office.

That should be fun. I'll take pictures of my cupcakes once they are completed. But here is a picture of Julian licking the mixer. (I'm totally posting this picture for you Jen, so you'll read my blog, ha)


Debbi said...

Oh, I wish you luck with the potty thing. I read the post below the other day and was thinking about you! I think it's so hard with boys, even when they get it they still have accidents. He is doing great to go to the mall and the library and walmart with out having to go though - and hopefully he doesn't have that facination with public restrooms like Gage does, he wants to go all the place just to see the potty, it's gross sometimes.

Happy Birthday to Barry! I would say it's a safe bet to always head to Hy-vee bakery over walmart, I used them for a couple birthday cakes and things while we were there, it's yummy and they are super nice there. The walmart people yelled at me once and that was it, I wasn't doing that over a thomas the train cake.

can't wait to the see the finished product - hope you have a great birthday celebrating!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Barry!

J has the life...naked licking the mixer. :P


Angela said...

Ooh, I forgot the Office was on tonight! Yay! But now I'm ticked b/c I don't have cupcakes. :(
Happy Birthday, Barry!!

The K in KAB said...

What a great post! And such a shame we don't remember these days of being 2 - naked and licking cupcake batter!!! Good luck with potty learning, we've attempted a couple times but it hasn't really lasted - maybe we need Buzz underwear (or Lightning McQueen)! Take care, its great that I can keep up with you guys. And by the way - I have family in Des Moines so you never know, we might show up someday!!!