Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

So Julian was terrified of the fireworks. He pretty much cried every time someone lit anything off. Silly boy!! So, instead of hanging out with Elizabeth and her family, we spent the majority of the night in Elizabeth's brother's room, watching ever faithful Caillou On Demand. FUN!

Julian had a fun time, because he was able to eat cake! It's pretty much his most favorite food, so he was in heaven.

Two weeks from today, we are leaving! FREAKY! I can't believe it! It is really starting to hit me. We got our lease paperwork today in the mail. Turns out it was all wrong, so we're getting it resent to us. We also go the key to our place!!! SO exciting! :) I'm super excited to have 1100 sq ft to roam around in! It will be muuuuch bigger than the attic we're living in now!!

My mom, Julian, Gabriel and I went to the zoo today! It was really fun. Julian loved that Grandma came with us. They rode the carousel and it was suuuuper cute. We saw an owl. It was adorable, and huge, and weighed only 4.5 lbs!!! WOW! I was in awe. Julian liked to say "oooh oooh oooh" to the owl. Adorable I tell you.

Tonight, we went to McLendon's and bough lady bugs. Yep, you read that right, live lady bugs! My dad, Bob, is having an aphid problem on his roses, so I went and bought some! THE weirdest thing. I bought 1500 lady bugs for $10! What a bargain!!!

K well my little man needs to go to sleep, so I will catch you tomorrow, and post some pics from the 4th.


Angela said...

Andrew would eat nothing but cake if I would let him!!! Just found your blog; you're the best! Feel free to send me random texts about going to the dentist at any time. :)

Stacy said...

wow that is a bargin! Of course I am no expert on how much lady bugs run these days...