Sunday, July 27, 2008

Home sweet Iowa....

Well we're definitely not in Washington anymore!! We got to Iowa Friday night, about 7:30. We did lose an hour of time, so we were officially 2 hours behind beloved Washington. We drove about 570 miles on Friday. It was a long haul. Luckily, South Dakota wasn't super boring to look at, and once we were in Iowa, the anticipation fueled us through the rest of the way. Well, I had to stop in this teeny tiny little town for gas. There was one gas station, a mile off of the freeway. When I got to the gas station, there were 2 pumps, and there were no digital numbers to be seen! They still had the rolling numbers on the pumps, seriously an antique! I couldn't get my debit card to swipe, so I had to go inside. Before stopping for gasoline, I'd told Barry that I was stopping. He said, OK, I'm going to stop at a rest stop after we get to I-80. Understanding that, I quickly pumped my gas, and got back on the freeway. I drove the legal speed limit, 70 mph, (I didn't drive 70 most of the way here since the Penske truck was SLOW!) and quickly made it to I-80, which is when I got the text message from Barry stating he'd stopped off at a rest stop off of I-680!!! Grrrr! See normally that would be no problem. I had the directions to our place, and am fully capable of driving on the freeway solo, BUT Barry had the keys to the place! By the time I got the text message, he was a good 30 minutes behind me.

I continued on, knowing that I wouldn't be able to get into the house when we did get there. Julian was seriously a fussy, crying, screaming monster. (He pretty much alternated those 3 things then entire 4th day of driving!!!) I had to think fast, or relatively fast, because he was going to be MAD when we got there and A. couldn't go in the house, and B. had NO toys for him to play with. That's when I remembered the park (A.K.A. the playground at the apartments) that he could play at. He was pacified, for the time being with that upcoming adventure. So 30 minutes later, we pull up to our townhouse. I'm in love! It's so cute, ours is brick on the outside. It is so much nicer than I was anticipating! Our rent is so cheap here, I was honestly expecting a disgusting place...but it's way cute! We have a huuuuuge backyard, and are only 10 steps from the playground! It's so fabulous. Also note that about 30 minutes after losing Barry on the freeway, both boys fell asleep, and I had to pee SO bad! When we did get to the house, I let Julian play on the toys while I anxiously waited for Barry to come, not so I could check out the place, but so that I could pee!!

On Saturday morning, some guys from the complex and from our ward came by and helped Barry unload the truck. It was so nice. A few doors down from us is a family that is moving to Washington next week. I am so jealous! I told them to enjoy it for me! I realllllllllllllllllllllly miss Washington.

Oh Friday night, we found Super Walmart. We had to get some basic stuff, i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, blah blah blah. When we left Walmart at 11 pm Central Time, it was seriously still 80 degrees outside! Thank God for central air!

Saturday afternoon, I experienced Super Target. Ahhh my 2 favorite things, food and Target in one place!

Friday night, we ordered Pizza Hut. So freaking good. We had no glasses or plates, so we pretty much ate like heathens.

Saturday night, I COOKED. Yep, you read that right, Christia cooked dinner! I know, don't be too shocked, it's gotta be a regular occurrence now.

Saturday at Super Target, Julian was acting crazy! He was crying, and whining, and then said his tummy hurt. So once we left there, he laid down on the blanket (at home) and slept. It was bizarre. So, this morning, I wake up to gagging/almost puking. Not my idea of an alarm clock! We skipped out on church today, because he was still not 100% and I started not feeling good. Ugh, I hope G doesn't get any bugs!

I cooked dinner again tonight, yeah 2 nights in a row, I'm definitely on a roll! And applied for some jobs. I'm feeling really sad at the prospect of going back to work. Please pray that I will have peace, and that the right job will pretty much just fall into my lap. I loved working for BECU, I'm so scared that another company just won't feel right!

Well it's after midnight here, and the boys have been sleeping for hours! (LITERALLY!!!) I'm going to go to bed, but wanted to update you that read my blog, before I forgot everything!


Debbi said...

Don't be too jealous that we are leaving, trust me - in 2 years, or 4 years, whenever you leave Iowa you will be so sad. It's been such a fun place to live! I love it here - and I am soo very excited for WA, but I love it here.

I love reading through your blog! What fun and it makes me so sad that I can't stay here longer and hang out with you!

PS - I figured out that one of my best friends from undergrad knew your sister in law. Sarah S on my blogroll

Suzie said...

I'm glad to hear you made it safely to Iowa! We miss you here too :( I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you search for a job that you find the right one! :)