Sunday, July 27, 2008

My First Midwestern Thurnderstorm

Was today! How do I forget these things!

So I get a text message from my friend Kelly, she lives in Grimes, Iowa, and says it's getting dark and scary here. (She's about 15 minutes from me) and I look out the window and the sky is dark grey. I pretty much started to panic right then and there. So she tells me there's a severe thunder storm headed here, with rain and lightening. Well, she was right. About 10 minutes later it starts pouring. I'm talking pouring, like a shower it was so much water! I looked out our back window, and my double stroller is sitting out there getting DRENCHED! UGH! So I ran out there, pulled it under the roof, and then moved Julian's bike so it wasn't getting rained on. The weirdest thing was that it was SO hot while it was raining. The water was warm, and the air was hot. It was the weirdest rain ever...and I know rain, I'm from Washington! ;)

The thunder and lightening kept going for about 30 ish minutes. Thankfully it wasn't too close to us.

And we bought a washer and dryer today. Gotta love! We found a used washer and dryer with a 1 year warranty and free delivery for $300! YES! So to celebrate that, I started using my cloth diapers again, oh how I love them!


Mary Jo said...

Welcome Christa! I'm so glad you made it safe and sound. Good luck getting settled in! Mary Jo

they call me mommy said...

I know exactly what you're talking about with the thunderstorms. It's just different this side of the Rockies! Scary different! But after you've been through a few good storms and your home is still standing and especially when the neighbors act like No Big, you get used to it. :-)

Sorry I totally dropped the ball on your email! I keep meaning to write you (but I'm leaving for NYC on Wednesday, so I'm settling for a blog comment)! I'm glad you guys made the trip safe and sound. I talked to Ann today, she said you guys are living buy a bunch of people in your ward, so that sounds cool and I bet you guys will have a blast. I will catch up better next week!