Thursday, July 10, 2008


So yesterday I attempted to buy some more diapers for the boys. My absolute favorite brand of cloth diaper is called "goodmama" () Seriously 800 people were trying to buy diapers at the same time, can we say madness? I only wanted two prints, Fin Fancy and Jolly Waffler . What did I end up with? NOTHING! It was serious madness. The cart wouldn't load (which makes total sense, because over 800 people were attempting to check out at once! And by the time it would load everything I wanted was sold out. The owner of goodmama is named Suzanne. She did some stealthy stockings yesterday, but I was out with the boys, so I missed those too! oh well, such is life. I guess I don't really *need* those diapers anyway. Especially since Julian's peed on the potty a few times in the past few days. I sense PL (potty learning) is coming!!


~heather~ said...

You're such a cool crunchy mama! I need to check out those diapers. I wonder if your friend Stacey has any trips to St. Louis planned? I love her photography!

Barbara said...

Did you ever get FF and Jolly Waffler? I found one! (barbles) <3