Monday, July 28, 2008

Newfangled Inventions

So, I used something totally new today. Redbox It is freaking awesome. I was able to reserve my movie from home, entered in my Credit Card # and then went to the RedBox and picked it up. It's like a vending machine for movies. The best part is that it is only $1.00 for night! Can't beat that! With the RedBox we were able to finally watch Juno! I liked it a lot! It was pretty cute, and Juno was a funny girl!

I looked in Julian's water table today, and after the downpour yesterday, it was literally FULL! Wow! So I'd say it rained at least 4 inches! It continued to thunder and lightening all night last night. It was kind of crazy to watch!

Julian woke up this morning with a fever, again, this time 100.4! What in the heck? He said his mouth I'm going to guess that maybe, finally, his 2 year molars are on the way? Yeah he's almost 2 1/2.

Something cool happened today! Stacy entered my beloved GoodMama photo contest. While the picture didn't win first prize, it's definitely a winner!

I was so excited to see my little boo on the computer! If you go to GoodMama you can see the full thing!

I entered a picture in the contest for next week. We'll see if I win. I'm not too hopeful. TONS of people enter the contest. But it's always fun to take pictures of my boys. Now I need to work on Julian's entry! He's so wild & crazy these days it's hard to get him to sit still!

It's getting late here, so I will go to bed, finally!


Debbi said...

I love redbox - and here's my dirty little secret, the one at Hy-vee (the grocery store I told you about) is way busier, so if you want good movies, go to the McDonalds on Jordan Creek, no one ever goes there!

jensenlife said...

yay for gabriel!!! he is so cute! hope you are adjusting well to the new place! check out my blog!