Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So, Gabriel's nursery set is brown and green, with polka dots, stripes, and most importantly: elephants! (Did I use that colon right Angela?) I plan on doing Julian's "big boy bed" in sage green and brown as well, to sort of compliment Gabe's set which I adore. I'm scouring Etsy to find some original artwork for their room. I found a watercolor painting that I absolutely LOVE, but I'm afraid it won't match the color scheme. I will keep looking, but for your viewing pleasure


Although this one might be perfection


This would be cute


with these as well


I loooove this nightlight


PS I also love the birds.


they call me mommy said...

Hi Christia! I got your comment on my blog and I will sign you up in my guinea pig list! :-) I cloth diapered my youngest and absolutely adored it. I wished I'd found it with my other kids. Guess who got me cloth diapering? The woman who started The Goodmama (we were bffs), wacky huh? :-D She totally pushed me over the edge; she is definitely passionate about it. Anyway, I wish we lived closer, I would love to teach you to knit soakers and longies! Plus your boys are absolutely edible. Tell Barry we say hi!

<3 Cheryl

Keren said...

Welcome to the world of Etsy :) its addicting huh?? :) I love the 2nd elephant print! ..and the nightlight cover...cute theme :)

Heather said...

well hi! glad to see you are a blogger! i like the second elephant best too!!!

jmason said...

Hi Christia!! *waving* I like the first two!!

thisismamashouse said...

I'm lovin the first one!!

Lillie's Mommy said...

I'm voting for the first one too!