Sunday, July 20, 2008


Wow! I'm getting really freaked out! It's Sunday (technically) and we're leaving Tuesday. SO close.

We got the truck this morning. It is way bigger than I was expecting. At about 9:40 some people from church came over, and helped Barry plow through the boxes. All of the boxes that were upstairs were in the truck in less than 20 minutes. They went to our storage unit afterward, and got through the unit quickly. Bob bought yummy donuts from Happy Donuts. I highly recommend them for donuts! Dare I say that they're better than Krispy Kreme!! (Don't hit me!) After all of that, we went to Target to buy Napoleon a new bed, which he looooves. We got some food for him, and then went to the ILs. The boys are with the R's this weekend, so Julian didn't get to play with them. He did however, play with THE most adorable little girl, named Allison. They picked blueberries together, and ran around the house together. It was priceless.

Tomorrow, I am going over to Port Orchard to see Chris and the fam. Jessica is coming with me, so I don't have to brave it alone. I'm excited to see my little sisters. I'm not excited for the drive, I have a feeling Julian will be asking, "Are we there yet?" about 9 million times.

Tomorrow night (or I guess it's today, technically) we are going to go to Stacy's son Oliver's 1st birthday. Then, we're going to the ILs for dinner & so Julian can play with B&C!

I'm watching The Bucket List, so far really good, but I can definitely tell that it's going to get sad. As if the waterworks haven't already been running today! I've been a tad emotional today, okay a lot emotional. Barry explained to Julian that we were moving to Iowa. He told him that it's going to take us a reallllllly long time to get there, and that we wouldn't get to see Grandma and Grandpa for a while. I think he's going to be VERY confused when we get there. Grandma and Grandpa are pretty much is best friends in the whole wide world. He thinks that they are amazingly awesome (which they are) and would rather stay with them than come with me most days.

On a happier note, Julian is SO excited to ride in the Penske truck. He calls it the big bus. I have some cute pictures of Julian in the Penske truck, 'helping' daddy rearrange it.

And since Gabriel decided to take it upon himself to start solids, ie COTTON CANDY, I decided he was probably ready for some real solids! I don't think he actually ingested much, if any of the rice cereal, but he looked cute, and made a mess!!

I have some more pictures for the GoodMama photo contest that I took, but this blog is pretty pic heavy as it is...buuuut, what the heck?


Keren said...

Oh Christia! Those pictures are amazing!! Seriously girl...I must get a Nikon now...either that or just have an adorable cute baby like Gabe to make it so easy :)

thisismamashouse said...

It's really happening!!! I know you are sad, but after a few days there it will begin to feel like home. I'm sure J will do's amazing how well kids do with stuff like this!!