Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today was a good day

Because we're leaving SO soon, I've been trying so hard to stay busy. I really want to hang out with all of my friends, and see as much Washington as possible. Kind of ironic that I've lived here my entire life, yet seen more of my local area in the past 2 months, than I'd seen prior.
Today we, meaning Barry (who was off from work), Julian and Gabriel, went to Puyallup Park. They had the wading pool. We met up with my friend Carly an her two kiddos, Gabriel (GREAT NAME:]) and Gianna :) SO much fun. Julian was pretty much obsessed with the water, and stayed in until he was shivering. We had a delicious lunch of McDonalds, and just some good fun and conversation. I'm really going to miss Carly and her big G.
Gabriel had his first encounter with the wading pool. Not too impressed. I took pictures, which I will upload later (probably tomorrow.)
After dinner, we went up to Stacy & Brad's house. Julian LOVED chasing Tavin around, and we had a yummy desert of brownies, and popcorn. We played Apples To Apples, and I must say that I won!
Keren is about to have her baby girl, annnnny day now Norah! I am so excited for her.
I am really going to miss my friends here. I am excited that Stacy is going to book some photo sessions in Des Moines, so she can visit and take some pics for the wonderful pictures in DM :)

Julian is sleeping and Gabriel is on the way. Barry's irritated that I'm *still* on the computer, so with this, I will end!


Angela said...

Girl, we are more similar than you know.
1. I love me some McDonald's AND Apples to Apples.
2. I spend too much time on the computer and it frustrates Matthew.
3. I would be very sad if I were moving away from my friends and family.

Stacy said...

So you DO have a blog!! How come I didn't know about this???? At least now I can check up on you DAILY when you are in IA. We had so much fun last night. I can't believe I lost soooo bad!