Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Friday...

Wow! How incredibly scary! It's Friday. My last Friday in Washington, for a while at least! Today, Angee is having a BBQ for us. I'm really excited, and SO thankful to her for having this party for us. I'm thankful for a last chance to see my friends and family! :)

I went to the mall today. I was only going to buy some shirts for Julian, Gabriel, and Preston, my nephew. Why is it impossible to walk out with exactly what I'm supposed to be getting? I ended up with a whole lot of clothes, but they were super duper cheap at Old Navy! (50% off of the lowest price!!) I got some clothes for next summer for both boys. I did though, find some clothes for Julian, Gabriel and Preston! :) Gabe is such a peanut. He is wearing the right size for his age. He is almost 5 months, and wears 3-6 month clothes! I'm NOT used to that! Julian was HUGE, and was wearing 12-18 months by now!

We also went to the zoo this morning. It was REALLY fun! My mom and I went, and met up with Carly and her kids, G&G, and Laura came too! (She's adorably pregnant, by the way!! Totally makes me wish my baby bump!!) Today, since the weather was cooler than normal, more animals were out and about. It was great! We saw polar bears, an entertaining whale show, the red wolves, reindeer, elephants, tigers, and monkeys.

Later on today we're meeting Barry's former co-workers, and we're going to go to his company picnic. It will be fun, it's at the Puyallup Fair!

Oh yeah, at the zoo, Big Gabriel ate an ice cream cone and it was WAY cute! I took some pictures, and really need to upload them!

My mom and Julian rode "Bronco" again! My mom was really wanting to ride the pig, but both times they rode, the pig was taken! Lame! Maybe next time!

We are almost all the way packed up. I need to work harder, since the moving truck will be here Saturday morning! Some people from church are coming Saturday morning to help us pack the truck! Ahhhh! It's really happening, we're really moving to Iowa!


Angela said...

Good luck with your move!! I'll be praying for you guys during this transition. Oh, and Andrew *still* wears his 12-18m Gymboree shorts, LOL!

Stacy said...

Do you want me to come pick up Julian and bring him to our house in the morning? I hope you guys have a great time at the BBQ! Sorry I have a stupid wedding! =)

jmason said...

Good luck with the move! Be safe!!