Saturday, July 19, 2008

OMGosh, how could I have forgotten??

Gabriel had his first solids yesterday! We were at Barry's company BBQ. They had tons of good food, Julian was pretty much in heaven. Ice cream, chips, soda & best of all cotton candy. Well Julian had opened a package of cotton candy, and then put the rest of the cotton candy on Gabe's feet in the stroller. About an hour later, I look down at Gabe, who is furiously sucking on what I thought was his stuffed elephant. Upon a further investigation, I realized Gabriel was eating COTTON CANDY! It was purple cotton candy, which almost exactly resembled his stuffed Elephant, appropriately named, "Ellie" by Grandma. So...Julian's first food was oatmeal, Gabe's was cotton candy, where's the justice??

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thisismamashouse said...

LMAO, girl I LOVE it!!! That is great!!