Thursday, July 24, 2008

The writings on the Wall :)

Hi all,
We made it to our goal desination: Wall, SD. We did not stop off to see Mount Rushmore. There was a severe thunderstorm headed right for Rapid City. Tomorrow we have 560 miles until our address! Yay! SO SO SO excited!

I remembered something funny from my drive through Montana. There was a sign for a 'Testicle Festival' and the next town up was Bonner. There is just something wrong with that! My mind might be in the gutter, but in Montana there was nothing else to focus on.

We drove through Wyoming, AKA the most boring state ever!!! Julian was kind of a monster, because he kept screaming, and then waking up Gabriel. I asked him if he was being a nice boy, and he said, no I'm not a nice boy. He is definitely a character! Gabriel was a nice boy, and he didn't cry, until Julian woke him up screaming! Ugh! My friend Elizabeth equated it to training 2 puppies at the same time. They keep undoing the training! Definitely!

We're all tired tonight, and hoping to get an early start tomorrow! So I'm going to go! We're staying at a cute little motel. It's fun!

Hopefully I'll be blogging from home tomorrow! :)

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PS we could have driven farther, there's just nothing in between!

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