Sunday, July 13, 2008

So thankful

My mother-in-law is here! Now while some women might cringe at the thought, I'm relieved. She has been in Utah since December, and since January dealing with our family tragedy and taking care of my two gorgeous and sweet nephews. I'm so happy that she was able to come up, and even if the visit is just for one month, I'm so thankful. Now the timing could have been a little better, like say a month ago...but beggars can't be choosers. Julian spent pretty much the entire day playing with B&C. Barry took the boys up to my in-laws (ILs) this morning while I met Stacy and her boys at the farmer's market. They played around, and rode in the wagon. When I got there, we ate lunch: kettle corn, and sandwiches, and then the boys played in the sprinkler. Fun times!
We left at about 3 so that Julian could take a nap, which never happened. At about 6 we went back over there, with Julian's pool in tow. I figured since we're moving in a week, and wont' A) have a place for a pool in our rental townhouse, and B) have a pool in our townhouse complex, there was no reason to bring it with us. And if two little boys will enjoy it while they're here, even better.
So we attempted to fill it up, not realizing, until it was too late, that the pool was on a slight hill. Yeah half of the pool is full, while the rest is empty! :) We will move the pool tomorrow.
The three big boys took a bath together (I was totally reminiscing about when I was a kid and took baths with my cousins) and then did a few laps around the kitchen/dining room/living room. SO funny!
Tomorrow we will go to church for sacrament, and then the boys and I will head up to my ILs to play some more.

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thisismamashouse said...

LOL @ laps around the boys do that too, we call it the "tired run"!!