Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Billings, Montana says Hello!!

Well, we did get an earlier start. We left Kellogg at about 9:00. We had to fill up in Kellogg, and then were on the road. We drove all of the way to Missoula, and ate lunch at Cracker Barrel. Can I say YUM??? Wow, it was good. Julian loved the game that they had on the table. He rode with me most of the day, which was fun for the most part. He got to eat some yummmmmy chocolate, and watched some DVDs. The boys were good, again, for the most part.

Julian did something sort of crazy. We were driving through Butte, Montana. I'd rolled down the window to talk to Barry about the gas station we were going to go to. Julian always likes his window rolled down, when mine is. So I rolled his down. As we started to drive, I rolled them back up. Julian said, "Mommy, I smell rain clouds." So at that time, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was over 80 degrees! We had just passed through Bozeman, when randomly, it started POURING DOWN RAIN! I was so shocked, the temperature dropped like 15 degrees and the sky was dark. It was kind of crazy.

I finally saw some wildlife today! I've seen a few eagles flying, but today while I was talking to Jessica on the phone, I saw a whole bunch of deer! It was awesome!

Tomorrow, we are hoping to get to Mount Rushmore! I will be sure to take bunches of pictures. I'm exhausted, as are the boys! Gabriel cried a lot. I am hoping and praying that he is better tomorrow!!

About 470 miles today!

Here's our map

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Just a little under halfway there!


jmason said...

Sounds like you're cruising right along! I hope the boys continue to do a great job!!

~heather~ said...

Welcome to the midwest! I hope the last few legs of your trip are short and fun! Mount Rushmore is a neat thing to see.

Mary Jo said...

Christa- Good luck with the rest of the trip! I'm sure its a long haul with the boys and all your stuff. We're thinking of you! Mary Jo

Angela said...

OH MY! Julian is Powder, LOL!!! I'm so glad your trip is going well so far. I am also glad you enjoyed your Cracker Barrel. :)