Friday, July 18, 2008

So grateful

Today was our going away BBQ. I'm so thankful to my sister Angee for having it for us! She opened up her home, and even took her babies (her dogs) to a babysitters! It was a really fun time. I was glad that I was able to talk to so many of my friends, and it was awesome that they were all in one place! That *never* happens :)

There were definitely A LOT of kids/babies there! Here are the kids that I can remember: Julian & Gabriel, Big Gabriel & Gianna, Kaden, Dakota, Isbelle & Andelina, Laura & Gretchen, Isiah & Dylan & Janae. Pfew! That's a bunch of kids. It was so fun.

Julian and Big Gabriel are pretty much best friends. Seriously the whole time, they were playing together. They also have similar taste in girls! Both of them thought Izzy was a doll, which she is!

I'm so thankful to everyone that came to celebrate with us, and bid us a fine farewell. Turns out we're leaving Tuesday now, which is good, one more day to hang out with my friends! We're walking Monday, right?! :)

Some fun pictures, stolen from Keren's myspace.
Carly & ME

Keren & Me

The Girl :)

K so can I tell you how impressed with Keren I am? Seriously, she's over due, by a week and a few days. She still came to my going away party, chowed down on the fresh pineapple (come on natural enzymes!!!) and was so happy and kind. I tell you what, if I were over due, there's no way I would be happy, and sweet about it!

I had so much fun tonight, snuggling up with the baby girls. I got to soak up the pink before I go :)

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Keren said...'re too sweet!! I wouldnt miss it for the world...Im already bummed you'll probably be gone when she comes on Tuesday :( but yes for sure...lets walk on Monday!!! :) love ya and am going to MISS YOU TONS!!!!!